09 April 2015

Lady in red (and pink)

The fabulous red and pink Lullia earrings have been selected for an Etsy treasury! The two large stones are topazes and the earrings also have tiny amethysts and smoky quartzes:

18 March 2015

Island shopping

Hello! I have been in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, the last three days and I have visited the same number of bead shops. I am excited to report that I will be bringing home lots of goodies including spessartites, rhodonite garnets, peach moonstones, lemon quartzes, and more! My favourite finds of the trip were some giant rubies and I cannot wait to make something with them. What kind of necklace will they be used for? Only time will tell...

07 January 2015

Fion, Agnes, and Jemima

Every January, there is a draw for all of the previous year's online customers and the prize is $50 toward merchandise in the shop. There is no minimum purchase so the winner could get one or more items abssolutely free!

This year's winner is Fion Lau and she had two entries based on her purchases of the Agnes and Jemima earrings in August 2014. A big congrats to her for this win! Here is a look at the Agnes earrings she had chosen...

17 December 2014

Deliciously juicy Yumi

A large number of new items had been created, but many sold at the November craft fairs before they had been added to the shop! However, eight pieces have just been posted including the Yumi earrings, which were made at the Dunbar Holiday Craft Fair! The stones are coloured like candy and they look good enough to eat!

12 December 2014

Elsie for Elsie Roy

Elsie Roy is an elementary school near my home and when I found out they were looking for sponsors for their holiday fundraiser, I was happy to donate! The Elsie earrings were made especially for their event and the stones are white sapphire, rose quartz, cherry quartz, and amber. Aren't they lovely?

02 December 2014

Craft fair wrap up

What a fabulous three weeks it has been! ARIA INDUSTRIES hit up three craft fairs and now that the shop at aileen.etsy.com has been restocked, it's time to work on posting some new items. The number would have been fourteen, but six of those brand new pieces sold at the events!

Grace Locke, who won the $25 gift card draw at the South Arm Christmas Craft Fair stopped by at the event in Steveston and applied the value of her gift card to the Rosalline necklace. She was choosing between that and the Ilke earrings, but the bib necklace won her over in the end. And I can't forget to mention that the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair's winner is Leigh Betteridge!

22 November 2014

Lovely lapis

Craft fair number two is done! I was in the basement of the gymnasium at the Dunbar Holiday Craft Fair this year and although I wondered whether the location would affect the amount of shoppers (compared to last year when I was on the main floor), I had no reason to worry. My first customer of the day was a gentleman who chose the Riordan earrings, which are so new that they have not even been posted to the shop. They feature three tiny grey sapphires and beautifully faceted lapis:

As usual, I held a draw for a $25 gift card toward any of my jewellery and the winner is Courteney Chu! I wonder what piece she will pick...

15 November 2014

First of three

One of my favourite things about craft fairs is meeting the other crafters. It's fascinating to see how different other jewellers' work can be even though we are always lumped into the same category. And of course I also love seeing the non-jewellery offerings too. In fact, I picked up three items before the event even began today!

Some of my non-sales highlights include running into one of my brother's now-retired teacher from elementary school, learning about honey from my craft table neighbour, and talking about gemstones with someone who turned out to be my last customer of the day. Of course I also held my usual draw for a $25 gift card and the winner is Grace Locke!

10 November 2014

Times three!

The winter craft fair season is almost upon us and this year, ARIA industries will be at three events! First up will be the South Arm Christmas Craft Fair on November 15th and then there will be a return to the Dunbar Holiday Craft Fair on November 22nd for the second year in a row. Last will be the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair on November 29th. There will be a gift card draw at each event, which means there will be three winners over the holidays! Put the dates in your calendar!

01 November 2014

Ship happens (and you can find out where)

Exclusively for Canada- and US- based customers, I am pleased to offer an upgraded shipping option! While standard shipping is the most economical, its limitations may not work for everyone. For an extra $15, there will be a tracking number and the delivery can be expected within 7 business days.

Upgraded shipping is available for international customers too! The service standard is 10 days, but the exact time frame can vary depending on the destination. As the cost also varies, please contact me with your address and I will get a quote.

Here's what tracked shipping looks like in Etsy: