28 March 2009

Home renovations

Among the many pieces that will be posted in the next week or so will be a pair of pretty cluster earrings. I have started wiring stones to the cable chain, but had to put the project on hold due to a major home renovation - the gungy grey carpet is being replaced by laminate flooring! I am super excited about the change, but as I have stuff up the wazoo, it is taking a lot of time to clear the rooms so the installers can put in the new floor. Most of the work is done now so I just have to put things back to where they belong and weed out stuff I no longer want, and there really is no better time for this spring cleaning!

Meanwhile, I hope to work on the earrings again soon. There will be some green amethyst and andalusite briolettes plus teeny tiny labradorites and rose quartzes. The work-in-progress name for these earrings is Vanessa, but I won't make my final decision until they are finished.