24 July 2009

Treasury: Kirsten

One of my pieces has been featured in an Etsy treasury! What is a treasury listing? It is a member-curated gallery that is usually done with a theme or a colour scheme, and it has a very short lifespan. This treasury is called Innocence and was chosen by Crocheted4Kids. It expires on Sunday (July 26th) and here is a screenshot showing the Kirsten:

22 July 2009

Batteries recharged

My self imposed break from jewellery making hasn't gone very well since I managed to complete another pair of earrings over the last ten days. Waiting to be posted to the shop are the Rochelle, which features prehnite briolettes from Seattle, and the new Tabitha earrings, which have pale pink chalcedony coins.

The next piece will be the amethyst, aquamarine, and peridot earrings I wrote about last time, but the style will likely be much shorter with the addition of iolites and maybe another stone. And then I have a cluster necklace in mind that should be very pretty. The stones I am thinking of using include iolite, spinel, aquamarine, kyanite, tanzanite, and grey topaz. It looks like my attempts at recharging during the break worked so watch for some new additions to the shop soon!

11 July 2009

Aquamarines and peridots

The Rochelle earrings are finished now and I am moving onto my next design. I have yet to decide whether to include an amethyst at the top, which would make it a little like the Kirsten earrings except the stones will not be clustered. There will be a lot of labour involved since all of the aquamarines and peridots are briolettes, but the end result should be fabulous (and fabulously expensive)!

09 July 2009

What's going on

Although I had planned to take a short break from making jewellery, I find there is a mysterious force drawing me back to my beads... I already have two earring designs in mind and an idea for a necklace that I will probably start working on this weekend. The earrings are temporarily called Valerie and Rochelle, but who knows if they will end up with a different name. So much for the break!

05 July 2009

EotW: Demelza

The new Earrings of the Week are the delicate Demelza earrings. Named after a character from the Harry Potter books (just like the Romilda), they feature tiny smoky quartzes and olive tourmalines above unusual kite-shaped beer quartzes:

In other news, the craft fair props and supplies are almost all packed away, which means it is time to refocus on the shop. I am working on two custom modifications and will be posting the Carissa, Jen, and Ulla soon.

Don't forget the free shipping deal during Celebration Week expires after tomorrow! The deal applies to shipping to anywhere in the world whether it is to Calgary or Stone Town.

01 July 2009

Celebration Week

The Salmon Festival Craft Fair was a success and some of the items that sold include the Monique, Jill, Shandra, and Anisette. The shop has already been restocked so it is running again...

... Which leads me to the special deal that began on Monday, June 29th. Since there are two national holidays being celebrated this week (Canada Day today and the Fourth of July on Saturday), there is free shipping on all items at the shop at aileen.etsy.com. The celebration week special lasts until the end of the day on July 6th!