28 February 2009

Adventures in CSS

The last few days were spent experimenting with the layout of this blog and I have finally settled on something I can live with. The most noticeable changes include moving the tags to the bottom of the page and the addition of a mini profile at the right. The rest of the changes are minor but took a long time because while I am fluent in HTML, the more sophisticated CSS confounds me at times.

The work-in-progress name for the black onyx necklace is Carly, but whether I end up going with that name remains to be seen since some pieces end up with a completely different personality when they are finished. I hope to complete it in the next few days so I can post it to the shop along with the Rita earrings (wood), Dana earrings (smoky quartz and carnelian), and Paloma bracelet (muscovite, champagne CZ, and pearls).

26 February 2009

EotW: Regan

A new promotion debuted at the beginning of this month: a different pair of earrings is featured and discounted each week. The current pair is Regan, an elegant design with dark blue kyanite. They are normally $50, but are discounted at $45 until the listing is changed some time on Sunday.

EotW purchases are worth two tickets in the $50 gift certificate draw that will be held at the end of the year. Customers at the store get one ticket for each item purchased unless they chose an EotW item while it was the EotW! The great thing about the prize is that it can be made in the name of the winner or anyone he or she chooses, which means it can be given away as a present!

25 February 2009

Born in the Balkans

Somewhere between Istanbul and Vienna, a necklace idea popped into my head last fall and I have finally decided to make it. The part that fits around the neck will be exactly 16" long and it's going to have several dangly bits of chain and black onyx. I miss having a black necklace around now that the Nancy has sold so this should fill in nicely.

Showcase: Rhiannon

I am very excited to start this blog about my jewellery! Here is where I will write about exciting supply purchases, design ideas, and newly created pieces that have yet to be posted at my shop at aileen.etsy.com

Today is also my first Etsy showcase of 2009 and it generated many hits for my newest necklace Rhiannon. It is a stunning piece with a large London blue topaz, labradorite, rainbow moonstone, moss aquamarine, and even diamonds!