29 October 2012

Urban artists

October is winding down and that means it is time to prepare for the holiday craft fair season again. This year marks our first appearance (on Sunday only) at the Urban Artisan Craft Fair at Roundhouse Community Centre and they created some pretty nifty advertising:

15 October 2012

When turquoise met jade

Ten items have been added to the shop and instead of a regular here's-a-photo post, this one is a here's-how-it-happened piece. Twitter followers (at @ARIAindustries) will already know... First, it started when I drew a little design one day. It was a rough sketch that captured the general look I wanted to create: Then I played with the details... What kind of hoop to use? How to connect the dangling stones to the hoop? What order to connect them in? These were my two hoop options:
In the end, I went with the brushed oval hoop and separate connections in an alternating cascade via jump rings. Here is the end result:

The style is called Anjali and is available at aileen.etsy.com.

02 October 2012

Craft fair season

It's the beginning of October, which means the holiday season is almost upon us! I'm extremely excited to announce that ARIA INDUSTRIES will be selling in downtown Vancouver soon! The event is the Urban Artisan Craft Fair and it will be held at Roundhouse Community Centre. It is actually a two-day affair, but we will only be there on Sunday, November 25th because we have another engagement the day before - the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair in Richmond! For those in the area, please come see our jewellery in person!