29 January 2013

Treasury: Aura

I am pleased to report that the Aura earrings have been featured in an Etsy treasury called With none among them that ever sings... Here is a screenshot of the collection by Poppy & Purl:

26 January 2013

And then there were twenty-eight

Remember when winners were selected for the gift card draws at the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair and the Urban Artisans Craft Fair? Anna Li applied her $25 gift card toward the Della earrings and Liz Hayes-Brown selected the Letitia bracelet!

In other news, 28 (yes, really that many!) pieces are being prepped for the shop. It is taking a while because a different background is going to be used in the photos and a lot of experimenting was involved. Here is a peek at the upcoming Tarina earrings:

02 January 2013

Winner! Winner!

Happy new year! Each January, all online customers from the previous year are entered into a draw for a $50 gift card that can be applied toward any regular priced merchandise. A draw was held today and the winner is Patricia Ryan, who purchased the Paige and Cherie earrings in March 2012. Congrats!

The same draw will be held again a year from now and there is only one way to participate so here's the link to the shop: aileen.etsy.com!