22 July 2011

Wine coloured days warmed by the sun

New items have been added to the shop at aileen.etsy.com including these dramatic earrings... The Marlena has wine coloured garnets with amazing clarity, brassy pyrite, puffy golden rutile quartz, and small citrines:

18 July 2011

Going green

Despite promising only five new items, I am happy to report that seven pairs of earrings have been made and are being prepped for posting to the shop. Here is a peak at the Gwenna and I swear that all of the large stones are the same shade of green in real life:

10 July 2011

Since the craft fair

I have been on a bit of a jewellery-making bender for the past week and expect to complete the fifth pair of earrings later tonight. And after they are added to the shop, I am afraid I will be taking a bit of a break due to an impending move and vacation. Both are not for a few months, but their proximity to one another and the fact my existence will be upended during the packing and moving phase means I won't have time for much creativity. Regardless, all orders will be shipped on schedule and if I find time to sneak in a pair of earrings or two, I will definitely share!

02 July 2011

Canada Day craft fair

The Salmon Festival Craft Fair start off quietly because most of the crowd was outdoors watching the morning parade, but they were soon inside to check out the vendors. This was me showing off my wares just after setting up and you can just make out my face painting (a heart) and the jewellery I was modelling (the Lullia earrings and Tiffany bracelet):

As for the draw, there were many entries throughout the day. The winner is Teri Barr and she gets a $25 gift card! Congratulations!