26 July 2012

Big, bold, and beautiful

It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of my recent acquisitions, hasn't it? I picked up these beauties on a recent trip to my favourite local bead store and can't wait to pair up the large white agate briolettes and the aqua chalcedony coins. I think they would look fabulous with some small beads with punchy colour, like amber!

16 July 2012

Funny Dorota

Running a shop (aileen.etsy.com) means I get many messages from potential and previous customers and sometimes I save them for sentimental reasons. This one was kept because it was just bizarre - this woman had never ordered anything from me, got my name wrong, and the Dorota earrings had not been sold!

09 July 2012

Odd ones out

I love making new pieces and picking the exact stones for them, but sometimes this means there are stones left behind. These lonely beauties were the last of their kind and are waiting for their turn:

02 July 2012

Salmon Festival round-up

The Salmon Festival Craft Fair always draws a varied crowd and one of my highlights was running into a friend I hadn't seen since elementary school! In terms of jewellery, the Melrose, Emlyn, and others went to their forever homes. Here is a shot of some of the earrings:

As always, a winner was drawn for a $25 gift card. Congratulations to Genevieve Hohnadel!