17 December 2011

Sparkle and shine

I couldn't resist stopping by my favourite local bead store today and look what I came out with... Rubies, turquoises, pyrites, and more!

12 December 2011

Cheryl and Shireen

Cheryl Campbell, who won the $25 gift card at the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair, selected the Shireen earrings (pictured below). Congrats Cheryl!

06 December 2011

Louka, not Leah

Three fabulous pairs of earrings have just been added to the shop including the Louka, pictured below. The large smoky quartzes are from my recent trip to Ottawa and I love the raw look of the graduated colours. Before deciding on the name Louka, I also toyed with Leah and I swear the options had nothing to do with Luke and Leia from Star Wars.

04 December 2011

Jetset beads

I zipped over to Ottawa for a few days and couldn't stop myself from checking out the bead store closest to my hotel. Twice! The first night, I picked up some quartz, moukite, and pink opal, and the night after, I returned to pick up a large rose quartz and some tiger eye. The pink opals and quartzes have already been turned into earrings and here is a snapshot of the stones that have yet to be used: