28 February 2009

Adventures in CSS

The last few days were spent experimenting with the layout of this blog and I have finally settled on something I can live with. The most noticeable changes include moving the tags to the bottom of the page and the addition of a mini profile at the right. The rest of the changes are minor but took a long time because while I am fluent in HTML, the more sophisticated CSS confounds me at times.

The work-in-progress name for the black onyx necklace is Carly, but whether I end up going with that name remains to be seen since some pieces end up with a completely different personality when they are finished. I hope to complete it in the next few days so I can post it to the shop along with the Rita earrings (wood), Dana earrings (smoky quartz and carnelian), and Paloma bracelet (muscovite, champagne CZ, and pearls).