21 November 2009

Just in time for the holidays

I love it when there is a custom order and the customer gives me some general guidelines and then lets me go wild with the design. My friend Voula liked the stones used in the custom James necklace that I made for another friend's wedding so I worked them into a different design. Here are the signature three rubies and single crystal quartz of the new Voula necklace:

Don't forget the Steveston Christmas Craft Fair is only a week away on the 28th and all of the items in the shop at aileen.etsy.com will be at the fair. It is inside the indoor tennis court behind Steveston Community Centre (4111 Moncton Road, Richmond) from 10am to 4pm and there will be goodies... The first eight customers receive a free gift, valued between $20-50, and all visitors can enter their names in a draw for a $20 gift card. I hope to see you there!