17 February 2013

Like candy

The brand new Clementine necklace was a real design adventure and this post will describe the stone variations that were considered.

The original plan was to use the chandelier component from the Gia, Cyrilla, and Paige earrings with some red, pink, and brown stones. A number of combinations using garnets, rubies, sapphires, and smoky quartzes were tried:

But then I found some carnelians at my favourite Vancouver bead store and a pink sapphire at a fabulous Victoria bead store and knew I had something special. Here is an in-progress shot of the pendant - an earring hook was used during the production stage so I could hold the piece up to tell whether the stones were evenly balanced:

Rounding out the final design are a single crystal quartz above the center stone, red spinels in between everything, and a pink tourmaline to connect the pendant to the necklace. Don't the colours look like candy?